Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber in Garden Grove, CA

No one wants to worry about problems with their foundation, let alone cracks.
Cracks can develop over time from various environmental impacts such as settlement, poor soil conditions or the reinforcing steel being too close to the concrete surface. Once a crack develops, moisture is able to get to the reinforcing steel and corrosion begins. As these conditions worsen, the corrosion progresses around the affected areas, compromising the structural integrity of the foundation.



Since there are a variety of foundation types in California, cracks can form in various ways and call for specialized repair solutions. The experts at Professional Foundation Repair are experienced at determining an effective repair solution using the most advanced repair materials available. If your foundation is experiencing structural cracks, they often contact us for carbon fiber repair, real estate inspections, and other services in Garden Grove, Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County, CA.

How Does It Work?

Carbon Fiber can be used to reinforce cracked and damaged foundation walls by effectively restoring strength and stability. When Carbon Fiber is used for structural foundation repair and crack reinforcement, it is bonded with an epoxy resin over the damaged areas. This encapsulation provides over 35,000lbs of confinement strength, giving you peace of mind that the cracks will not reopen. Another added benefit is that it creates a waterproof barrier preventing moisture from re-entering the area.

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