Earthquake Foundation Retrofits in Garden Grove, CA

As a safety measure in certain earthquake-prone regions like California, earthquake-resistant foundation procedures are not uncommon. If you live in the Garden Grove, Orange County, Riverside County, or Los Angeles County, CA, region and need to secure your premises against earthquake damage, contact the Professional Foundation Repair team.

What Happens In an Earthquake Foundation Retrofit?

In short, professional teams specializing in foundation repair will reconstruct or bolster the existing concrete foundation. The structures may include bolting down existing foundations and reinforcing them with durable materials.

The process of an earthquake foundation retrofit also includes securing all other structures like the chimneys, ceilings and walls, to name a few. The retrofitting process secures the home against massive damage and creates a safer space for you and your family in the event of an earthquake. Contact us today to learn more.

Outstanding Benefits of having an Earthquake Resistant Foundation

Before making any changes to your property’s foundation structure, it’s good to know the ups and downs that might come with it.

Benefits of an earthquake-resistant foundation:

  • Modifying your foundation to earthquake-resistant helps prevent the structure from becoming displaced or detached from its concrete structure holding it in place.
  • An earthquake retrofit foundation isn’t as expensive as it seems and is regarded as one of the cheaper solutions to securing a building against seismic activity.
  • Securing your home and preparing it for shakes from an earthquake helps you and your family be safer and risk fewer injuries.
  • An earthquake-resistant foundation in retrofitting can also help you save from costly damage if your home has not been secured.
  • The process encourages energy efficiency, which is a plus, reducing the monthly cost of utility bills.
  • Some materials of the property can be repurposed and reused for the process.

You may find the process involved in securing your property against earthquake damage a considerable hassle. If you don’t have any other place to stay, living in the home during the retrofit is disruptive.

Sometimes a retrofit can take longer than anticipated since attachments cannot be fitted to wet surfaces and need to dry completely before doing so.

Insulating the living spaces could reduce the interior size.

The pros of a retrofit outweigh the cons. If you need an earthquake foundation retrofit, pier and beam foundation repair, or engineering specialist, go ahead and get in touch with our team in Garden Grove, CA, for more info.