Foundation Repair in Garden Grove, CA

There’s nothing worse than finding out that your foundation is cracking. It can lead to a significant amount of damage, from not being able to open windows and doors to unsightly cracks in your walls and ceilings. Foundation repair in Garden Grove should be a top focus the moment you have a concern – and at Professional Foundation Repair, we have the experience and tools to provide high-quality services.

We have worked with residential and business clients alike. We can inspect the property and address the concerns that you have quickly and efficiently, so you have nothing to worry about.

Foundation Repair Specializations

Foundation repairs can vary based on the expansion and contraction movement, the amount of pressure on the joints, and even the condition of the soil. Often, the foundation will become damaged naturally over time – though seismic activity can certainly cause added movement that your foundation wasn’t built for.

We specialize in a variety of foundation repairs, ensuring that we’re able to take care of your home regardless of the type of foundation that you have. Small and large issues alike can be repaired – though we recommend that the repairs be performed as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Slab Foundation Repair

Concrete slabs are the most common type of foundation throughout Garden Grove. It is a relatively affordable form of establishing a foundation – and with the warmer weather of southern California, there’s not a lot of expanding and contracting that happens.

Depending on the size of the home, there may also be post-tension cables and rebar in the slab to help bear the weight of the building. Over time, you will start to see cracks. In some instances, the cracks can lead to shifting, slanting, and other issues. This will result in horizontal cracks, leaking plumbing, cracked walls and floors, and more.  We’ll perform the inspection to determine how comprehensive the slab foundation repair needs to be.

We will explore such options as:

  • Masonry patches
  • Sealant
  • Slab jacking
  • Piling (using concrete and/or steel piers)


With our extensive knowledge and equipment, we can make sure that the slab is structurally sound once again so that you don’t have to experience any further damage to the building itself.

Raised Foundation Repair

Raised foundations are quite common in various areas of Garden Grove because it helps to eliminate some of the problems associated with slab foundations. That being said, a raised foundation can still shift and cause damage to the home over time.

A footing is poured, followed by foundation walls. From there, sill plates and rim joists are attached. This is a popular solution when there is problematic soil where the building is going.

Additionally, if there’s a floodplain, the raised foundation places the home above it.

Raised foundations are more expensive, but the repairs are usually less. This is because it will be easier to come in and provide the necessary bracing so that the home stops shifting. If there has been damage to the footing or foundation walls, we can provide all of the necessary repairs. We can also make sure to reinforce all of the joints to make sure that you don’t encounter issues again.

Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair

Whether you have a slab or a raised foundation, we offer what is known as a carbon fiber foundation repair. Essentially, we use carbon fiber straps to help address cracked and bowing walls.

The carbon fiber straps are durable and are capable of withstanding a significant amount of force. They won’t stretch or break, so they can be installed on the walls and joints to provide reinforcement.

Particularly if you have below-grade concrete in place, we’ll recommend a carbon fiber foundation repair in Garden Grove because it can keep the walls from bowing and cracking – and it can stop current activity from getting any worse.

There are quite a few benefits to using carbon fiber, too – It’s a relatively simple process to install the straps, it doesn’t make a lot of mess, and it will combat contraction and expansion that would occur naturally.

Earthquake Resistant Foundation

Earthquakes can happen in southern California – and depending on the intensity of the earthquake, they can be devastating. Your job as a homeowner is to do everything you can to prevent the seismic activity from destroying your home.

We can help to create an earthquake-resistant foundation by focusing on a few different aspects:

  • Work on the ductility of the building materials
  • Install damping systems to absorb the energy
  • Utilize different bracing methods


If you’re in the process of building a home in the Garden Grove area, we can help with the foundation from the very beginning.

Earthquake Foundation Retrofit

If your home has already been built but you worry about whether the foundation is capable of withstanding an earthquake, we can help. Our earthquake foundation retrofitting allows us to analyze your home and determine how we can offer added support.

We’ll consider such things as cripple wall bracing, foundation bolting, and house bolting. Essentially, we will work with your existing foundation to increase the uplift resistance and the holding strength so that the foundation doesn’t get damaged due to seismic activity.

Many homes, without retrofitting, can suffer from major structural damage. Our services can offer you peace of mind if there’s any kind of activity. The added benefit of this retrofitting is that it can help to save you money on your homeowner’s insurance.

Need Foundation Repair in Garden Grove, CA?

Don’t wait until you have a catastrophe on your hands. When there’s a foundation issue, the problem can get out of control quickly. At Professional Foundation Repair, we have professionals who exceed all of the regulated safety standards. We can visit your home or business to inspect the property and determine the best way to repair the foundation so that it offers the structural stability needed to move forward.

The moment you notice a crack or have a concern about your foundation, contact us.