Raised Foundation

Raised Foundation Repairs

A raised establishment implies there is an unfinished plumbing space estimating least 16in per LABDS code taking into account sufficient room under the property.

  • Pier and Post System. We evenly distribute the weight of the property by creating a pier base of concrete, then positioning posts evenly between the new pier and the foundation.
  • Footing. In efforts to prevent a house or building from settling, our team digs a trench, installs a rebar, and pours concrete to form the footing.
  • Stem Wall. We build a wall around the foundation of the house to prevent it from moving.
  • Floor Joists. Floor Joists are smaller beams that give the floor support. In a foundation, they are wood beams that align the top of the foundation along with the girder beams.
  • Sister Wall. Sister Walls provide support when a full replacement isn’t necessary. A second wall is built right next to the foundation, then we secure the two with rebars.
  • Cracks. When a foundation lacks the proper support, cracks ranging in width from hairline to complete separation can form in a foundation. We repair these cracks with epoxy and Simpson A35 metals.



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