Raised Foundation Repair in Garden Grove, CA

Raised foundations are set this way for plumbing work. Sometimes faulty or worn plumbing can become problematic and spark issues. Professional Foundation Repair‘s expert-raised foundation repair teams in Garden Grove, Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County, CA, can resolve and repair the structure.

Benefits of Investing in Elevated Homes

Elevated homes can help simplify many things, including making plumbing repairs a breeze. We can’t deny that some concerns could surface should the elevated foundation become problematic.

What Are Some of the Issues and Concerns of Raised Foundations?

Raised foundation issues may not appear from the get-go, but they can cause some severe damage. When pier and beam foundation repair is needed, there might be issues with the elevation of the structural foundation. The pier and beam structures help with elevation.

The following are some problems that may require the skilled help of raised foundation repair.

Foundation cracks

Foundation cracks may be a sign of damage, but floor cracks and raised foundations aren’t always the case.

Wall cracks on the exterior

Cracks may surface as horizontal or vertical lines on the walls, and these lines sometimes predict how bad the foundation might be.

Flooring that seems to bounce as you walk on it

Floors that bounce are another telltale sign that you might need raised foundation repair. Uneven, bouncy floors say the ground is compromised.

The crawl space is damp and moldy

Damp, moldy conditions inside the crawlspace mean that water is getting in and not able to get out. Water damage is severe, and our expert-raised foundation repair team in Garden Grove, CA, can help fix the damage.

Doors get stuck

Stuck doors often get ignored as a minor problem, and a temporary fix resolves it. Still, this doesn’t mean the problem is over. Doors that get stuck when shutting and opening them are another raised foundation repair concern.

Have you spotted any of these negative foundation signs in your home? It might be time to contact us to help you resolve these problems. We also specialize in earthquake foundation retrofits and pier and beam foundation repair!